Age-Related Macular Degeneration


 I attended a seminar this weekend titled, “Can we do better in AMD?” AMD is age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The current number of individuals with visual impairment from AMD is 620,000. The forecast for 2050 is more than double, 1.6 million.

Who gets AMD?

         The Elderly (hence the “age-related”)

          Women more than men

           People with light colored eyes and hair

 These are the conditions we can’t control, but we can control the following:

      Smoking. This is a huge factor. In fact, smoking will double your risk of developing  AMD

       Exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Put on those sunglasses

       Diet – increase fat intake increases the risk for AMD

There are lots of studies about prevention of AMD and treatment. By the end of 2010 genetic testing will be available to determine a person’s risk for developing AMD. The test involves swabbing the inside of the cheek to collect tissue for analysis. This will be helpful in determining vitamin therapy, examination frequency and peace of mind for those determined to have a low risk. Stay tuned for details in the months to come.

At your next eye examination ask me about vitamins and supplements that are recommended for regeneration of retinal health.

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