Are Contact Lenses Dangerous?

Contact lenses are safe when you follow replacement schedules, maximum wearing time and other recommendations from Westside Optometry.
Dirty Contact LensA new report from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that millions of Americans who wear contact lenses do things that can significantly increase their risk of eye infections. The findings come from an online survey of contact lens wearers designed to assess the prevalence of contact lens wear and hygeine-related risk behaviors.
According to the study 99% of contact lens wearers reported at least one habit or behavior that increases their risk of eye infection. I know that none of my patients would act in a way to compromise their eye health, but just in case some of you have lapsed, here are some reminders:

Contact lens “wear” risks

  • Sleeping in contact lenses
  • using contact lenses for longer than the recommended replacement schedule

Contact lens “care” risks

  • “Topping off” disinfecting solution in the lens case and using it again
  • Using the same storage case for more than 3 months
  • Not using the prescribed disinfection solutions

Not surprisingly nearly one third of the respondents reported having experienced a red and painful eye that required a visit to the doctor.

Contact lens wear is safe when you follow recommendations and use common-sense.

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