Back to school

I know it’s tough to think about school starting in a few weeks. While you are scheduling immunizations, sports physicals and dental appointments, don’t forget the most important sense used in school – VISION.
Nearly 80% of learning is done through a child’s eyes. Reading, computer usage and whiteboard work are all visual tasks students perform everyday. A child’s eyes are always in use in the classroom. Therefore, when a child’s vision is not working properly learning and class participation will suffer.

Children with undetected vision problems are sometimes inaccurately diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When vision is difficult, it requires greater effort than normal causing the child to avoid close work.
Many children with undetected vision problems struggle in the classroom. Listed here are some of the behaviors associated with vision problems:

  • Trouble finishing written assignments
  • Losing his place when reading
  • A short attention span when doing close work
  • Skipping words when reading
  • Having greater potential than grades may indicate

Start the school year off right, schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your child.

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