Designer Eyewear


New Frames at Westside Optometry

 Westside Optometry has added a new frame designer to our eyewear collections.
MODO is driven by a passion for finding the optimal balance of form and function. The designers explore materials, manufacturing technologies, and craftsmanship techniques for designs that look and feel perfect.

The collection includes styles for men and women in lightweight materials and amazing colors. We know you’ll appreciate the look and comfort of  the MODO frames.




Fall Trunk Show



Next month is the annual Westside Optometry Fall Event. This year we are featuring all the Clearvision eyewear collections: Ocean Pacific (OP), Cole Haan, Izod, Ellen Tracy, BCBG and 2 new lines Aspire and Dilli Dalli. Aspire is a lightweight frame design and Dilli Dalli is an incredibly durable design for small children. Dilli Dalli
In front of the office, Maui Jim is pitching a tent to display it’s collection of men and women’s sunglasses.

Date of the show is Saturday September 12, 2015 between 10:00 and 2:00.

Refreshments will be served.

Call ahead if you need an eye examination, or come by to look at glasses.

Bring a friend.



New Light Weight Frames


New Light Weight Frames at Westside Optometry

We are very pleased to have the latest brand of eyewear from Clearvision Optical. Aspire Eyewear was created with a thin and lightweight “memory plastic” material. Aspire frames offer a “barely there” feel and fit.
We have 9 styles each in 2 different colors. Half men and half women and some crossover. There are different architecturally inspired temple designs in both stainless steel or TR-90 (light-weight and flexible plastic material).

Features of Aspire Eyewear

  • Almost 50% lighter than a regular plastic frame
  • 22% lighter than a typical titanium frame
  • Adjustable nose pads
  • Almost 50% thinner than typical acetate frames
  • Three colors for each model, including translucents and fades
  • Screwless hinges

We have the ophthalmic collection on display and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sun collection.





Vision Expo West

Riding Vespa at Vision Expo

It wasn’t all fun and games in Las Vegas this past weekend. Before Peg and I rode the Vespa under the Arc de Triomphe, we checked out the newest progressive lenses and learned some new measurement techniques.

Between Peg and I we attended 12 hours of education ranging from frame manufacturing to oral medications to nutrition. Here are the highlights of each course we want to share with you:

  • Global Frame Manufacturing. Italy was once the primary country for eyeglass frame manufacturing, but as with other industries, the factories have relocated in China for economic reasons. The next trend is a shift to India.  It takes time to train the workers and get the factories up to standard. The speaker emphasized that the quality of the product isn’t dependent of the country of production, but the individual factory of production. Some frame companies demand the highest standards of skill, environmental impact and human treatment.
  • Corneal Cross-Linking. Corneal X-linking is a treatment to stabilize a diseased corneal. Keratoconus is the primary condition that benefits from this procedure, and the earlier in the disease process it is performed the better the outcome and quality of life for the patient. Unfortunately, the US is the only non-third world country that doesn’t have approval. The FDA has delayed approval because corneal X-linking requires Riboflavin, a drug, and UVA radiation, a device. Apparently the FDA drug department and the FDA device department can’t work together. Until it is approved there are test sites in the US or patients have to leave the country for treatment.
  • Shades of Grey. Peg went to this course aimed at women and their maturing eyes and the tissue around the eye. Topics such as the risks and benefits of permanent make-up, Botox and Fillers were discussed. Common conditions like dry eye, the causes  and treatments were highlighted.
  • Eyefoods. This course was presented by Laurie Capogna, O.D., one of the authors of the book Eyefoods that I reviewed. She talked about preventative eyecare through nutrition and lifestyle. 2 take home points are Eyefoods do not Replace Supplements and Supplements do not Replace Eyefoods.
  • Strong and Unusual Lenses. The gist of this lecture was predicting the thickness and weight of lenses in various prescriptions. Utilizing different materials and lens treatments can improve the appearance and clarity of a high powered lens.
  • Oral Medications. This class included antibiotics, antivirals, steroids and supplements. The ocular complications of systemic medications  was also covered. For example Prozac can cause dry eye, light sensitivity and red eyes. Tamoxifen can cause changes to the macula.
  • Trouble-Shooting Eyewear Problems. The most important point in this class was to start with a good fitting frame. Not all frame designs work with all prescriptions and not all styles fit all faces.

Besides classes, we spent a lot of time in the exhibition hall which was divided into 3 areas: Eyewear & Accessories, Lenses & Processing Technology and Medical and Scientific. I purchased a new piece of testing equipment that I will talk more about when it arrives. We also visited vendors of dry eye treatments whose products Dr. Staton and I will be evaluating so we can better address  our patient’s dry eye issues. Lastly, Peg visited many frame companies. She has a short list of new products that we will transition into our dispensary as we update our frames.


Fall Eyewear Event

CV kids 2014

Come one, Come all for the Westside Optometry Fall Eyewear Event
Featured this year is the entire Clearvision Collection and Maui Jim sunglasses. Clearvision includes frames for the whole family:

CH 1025 2014
Ellen Tracy, Cole Haan, BCBG for women
Izod, Marc Ecko for men
Jessica McClintock, Izod and Dilli Dalli for children
Included in each line are sunglasses too.

Ellen Tracy Suns 2014

The festivities are Saturday, September 6th at our office
320 Petaluma Blvd South in downtown Petaluma
10:00 – 2:00

Look for the Maui Jim tent in the parking l

MJ 2014
There will be refreshments


Caring for your Glasses

You have carefully selected the best lens design and material fit in a stylish frame; it is important to take good care of your new eyewear.

eye glass care

  • Remove glasses from your face with two hands
  • Never place glasses lens side down, it is best to put them in their case when not wearing them
  • Clean glasses with water and a little oil-free soap. Wipe them with a clean cloth or a cloth especially designed for your lenses
  • Do not leave glasses on the dashboard of your car. (It gets too hot for the frame and any coatings on the lenses)
  • If your glasses start to slide or feel lopsided on your face, come by the office for an adjustment

Two Colors, One Frame

Eyewear is not only a functional item that provides clear vision, but an important fashion accessory as well. Color is always an important part of glasses and allows individuals to express their personalities. laminate KSThe laminate designs have one color on the front of the frame and another on the back, Sometimes the temples are a different color or texture too.
This spring the trend is two or more colors on the frame front. fysh comboTo make this more dramatic, the colors are placed next to each other. Translucent, see-through color combinations that connect in the middle are very hip. This allows for an abundance of color choices while the wearer’s natural skin tone shines through.

Solid meets translucent is another popular design that combines a solid color along with a translucent color for a more attention-grabbing look. brn blue WM
Two-tone frames are eye catching and fun. With all the combinations and variations, the hardest job is deciding what to select.


Spring Trunk Show

kate spade glasses


Westside Optometry invites you, your friends and family

to our Spring Eyewear Event

Saturday March 8th

10:00 – 2:00

gucci 2014

We will be hosting  Gucci men and women’s designer frames


the fun, colorful Kate Spade collection

For more details click here or call (707)762-8643







Fall Eyewear Event

Westside Optometry is proud to host the Fall Eyewear Spectacular.

Saturday, September 7

between 10 and 2

Maui Jim Fall 2012

First you’ll see the Maui Jim tent in the parking lot. You can try on every style in every color. Our knowledgeable company representative can answer all your questions on the different lenses and features.

Inside we will have several of our favorite designers including FYSH, William Morris, Kliik, Evatik, Lisa Loeb and some new children’s frames. Call ahead to schedule your eye exam, or come on by for a snack and fun. william morris eyewear


July Style of the Month

To enjoy the summer sun, Westside Optometry is featuring cat eye sunglasses as the July Style of the Month.

angelique singlasses small

Margaret, Maureen and Peg are modeling 3 different color combinations. To see all 5 colors and and an alternative style by Cole Haan, click here.