Non Glare Coatings can help you:

See Better: Anti-Reflective coatings mean safer, more comfortable nighttime driving by reducing glare from headlights, taillights and street lights

Look Better: Anti-Reflective coatings stay clean, clear, and glare-free, so they look virtually invisible to those around you. People can see your eyes, instead of just your glasses

Feel Better: No glare lenses mean fewer headaches and less eye fatigue, which are caused by reflections off of computer screens and overhead lighting

See Clearly Extreme glare reduces your vision from 20/20 up to 20/40 – a big difference! No-Glare lenses improve contrast by 20% and improve visual acuity so you see clearly, even at night.

See Comfortably Glare from artificial lights such as computers and fluorescent lighting causes eye-fatigue. No-Glare lenses help eliminate symptoms like tired eyes, headaches and blurred vision. Plus, premium No-Glare lenses  reduce scratches and smudges giving you clearer vision all the time.

See Smarter 80% of what kids learn in their first 12 years is through their eyes. Glare in the classroom from whiteboards and computer screens causes eye-strain and can affect learning and productivity.

At Westside Optometry we offer 2 different premium no-glare lenses – Crizal and Super HiVision. Besides eliminating glare, these coatings provide scratch resistance, resist smudges and increase clarity.

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