Contact Lenses and Comfort

Eye Hygiene Care - set of contact lens casesMost contact lens wearers use their lenses for an average of 13 hours a day. To stay comfortable all day it is important that the lenses maintain hydration (stay wet).   There are many factors that can make the lenses dry out quickly, dry environment, medications and poor tear quality. Sometimes the type of lens is to blame. The newer silicone materials allow more oxygen to the eye, but silicone is hydrophobic which means it does not absorb moisture. Contact lens manufacturers use special surface treatments on the silicone lenses to improve wettability and comfort. Not all contact lens solutions and lens materials are compatible with each other. Some disinfecting solutions work better on the silicone lenses than others, both in maintaining comfort and safety. If your lenses feel dry and or filmy, it could be the contact lens solution that you are using. If the lenses are older than recommended, the effect of the special surface treatment may be gone too. Use recommended solutions and replace your lenses as prescribed for optimal wearing comfort.

I think the safest and most comfortable lens choice are the dailies. The lenses are used one time and thrown away. There is no confusion or complications with solutions and the user has a new clean lens each day.

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