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Dear Karen,
Happy New Year. Start 2016 off with clear vision! Schedule an eye examination, update your glasses, and try contact lenses. Have you been thinking about refractive surgery, LASIK?  Let’s see if you are a candidate.
Karen Griffith
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Red Winter Eyes

Colder temperatures, winter winds and moisture zapping heaters can cause dry, red and irritated eyes. Tears are essential for good eye health and clear vision. They bathe the eye, washing out dust and debris, and keep the surface moist and clear. The natural tear film also contains enzymes that neutralize microorganisms, reducing the risk of eye infections. The most common signs and symptoms of dry eyes are persistent dryness and irritation, scratchiness, a burning feeling in your eyes and red eyes. Oddly enough, dry eye syndrome also can make your eyes watery, as dryness can cause a protective overproduction of the watery component of your tears.
For a list of ways to minimize red winter eyes, click here.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses
When it comes to choosing sunglasses, the options are endless and confusing. Not all lenses are equal in terms of UV and blue light protection. Here are a few tips on selecting good optical quality lenses and the correct level of protection.
UV Light
The light spectrum is categorized by wavelength. If the light is in the visible spectrum, the wavelengths will determine its color. If it is in the ultraviolet range, these wavelengths determine its UV category (A, B or C)
Blue Light
A relatively new term, blue light can damage the retina, leading to AMD and blurring of vision.
Sunglass Frames
  • When choosing a sunglass frame, the most important thing to consider is its fit. The frame should fit close to your eyes and face so light doesn’t shine around the lens into your eyes. The frame has to be big enough to provide appropriate coverage and protection for your eyes.
  • Select a frame style that fits your lifestyle. Fashion sunglasses are beautiful and fully functional at the beach and for running errands. A different style is recommended for sports and athletic activities. Something lightweight and more durable is better suited for increased activity.
  • Most quality sunglasses can be customized with your prescription so you can enjoy clear vision outdoors.
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Save the Date
Westside Optometry is going to try something a little bit different for our next Trunk Show. Instead of hosting frame companies on a Saturday, we will feature the Gucci and Kate Spade eyeglass lines on a Thursday evening.
Put  March 3rd on your calendar. More details are coming.
Fast Facts
The most prevalent symptom of dry eye disease is fluctuating vision.
EMMETROPIA is a refractive condition of the eye like myopia and hyperopia. Emmetropia is when the eye is completely relaxed, and distant objects are in focus on the retina without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.
When light enters the eyes, it is focused to the back of the eye where over 130 million photoreceptor cells convert the light and the image into electrical-chemical impulses that are sent via the optic nerve to the brain to give us our perception of the world around us. The conversion of that light into electrical-chemical impulses is one of the highest metabolic activities in the human body.
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Dr. Karen Griffith
Dr. Karen Griffith is the primary optometrist and owner of Westside Optometry. She has been in practice since 1988.
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