Westside Optometry   Newsletter for May 2016
Westside Optometry Issue No. 46
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Dear Patient,

At Westside Optometry the optical specialists spend a lot of time selecting the best fitting, most attractive and appropriate eyeglass frames and lenses for each person. Taking care of your new eyewear can maintain the appearance and prolong the life of your frame and lenses.

For detailed instruction about cleaning your eyewear click here. We recommend daily cleaning of the frame and lenses with lotion-free soap and a clean soft towel. When you’re not wearing the glasses, keep them in the case and avoid leaving them in a hot car, especially on the dashboard.

Karen Griffith

  What is Macular Degeneration?

 Drusen (800x533)


Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a chronic disease of the central part of the retina, the macula. The macula is important for clear vision and color vision. Any change in the macula will significantly impair vision.

There are two forms of AMD: 

Dry AMD is the most common form of AMD. It occurs when cells in the macula begin to break down, causing thinning of the macula and a gradual decrease in vision.

Wet AMD is much less common than dry AMD. It is caused by the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the choroid, which provides the blood supply to the retina. These new blood vessels grow into the macula through breaks in the membrane that separates the choroid from the retina. These weak blood vessels leak fluid into the retina, leading to a decrease in vision that is more rapid and dramatic than dry AMD.

Neither dry AMD or wet AMD causes total blindness, but it can decrease central vision profoundly. People with AMD may notice changes in their ability to read books, to see street signs or see details on a person’s face; fortunately they maintain peripheral vision and can walk and move around independently.

For more information about symptoms and treatments of AMD, click here


Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts 

RGP, Soft, Hybrid, Scleral

RGP, Soft, Hybrid, Scleral

The majority of contact lenses prescribed are soft lenses.  What happens if there is “a lot” of astigmatism, or astigmatism AND presbyopia or high myopia or high hyperopia? And what if the cornea has been altered by disease or refractive surgery? Soft contact lenses can’t correct many of these conditions. That’s why there are other contact lens options. Gas Permeable (GP) contact lenses correct astigmatism, have stable crisp optics and are individually designed and manufactured. GP lenses provide more oxygen to the cornea than soft lenses. They last longer and are more durable providing a cost effective solution. Gas Permeables are available in high powers, multi-focals and special designs for irregular corneas.


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 Dilated Eye Exams

 Normal Retina Photo


Dilation is included during a comprehensive eye examination. Drops are put into the eyes to make the pupil relax and the opening enlarge. The dilation lasts about 3 hours for most people. During that time the eyes can be sensitive to light and focusing is compromised. Distance vision is usually not affected, but  some people are more comfortable  having someone else drive.

The purpose of the pupil dilation is to allow a thorough evaluation of the structures inside the eye. This includes the optic nerve, crystalline lens, macula and blood vessels. Many systemic diseases can be detected during a comprehensive eye exam such as diabetes and hypertension.


Fast Facts

Presbyopia occurs when the proteins in the lens of the eye lose elasticity and stiffen. This change makes it harder to adjust focus at near. What we experience is blurred vision when reading or looking at things close-up. Presbyopia is the reason 40-45 year olds start wearing reading glasses.



A paintball can travel as fast as 200 mph. That’s at least twice as fast as a major league baseball pitch. Paintball eye injuries can lead to serious and permanent damage.  Most paintball eye injuries occur during informal play. Even during casual use, wear the protective eyewear.

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