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Westside Optometry Issue No. 25
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Dear Karen,

There is an exciting new feature on our website, you can now schedule an eye exam. If you want to try it out, click here. You can make a Thursday appointment with Dr. Staton, or a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday appointment with me. If you are having a problem that needs immediate care or you can’t find a time that works, call the office.
Karen Griffith
Westside Optometry

10 Ways to Minimize Eyestrain at the Computer
computer vision syndrome


Adults are exposed to screens – TVs, cell phones, computers and tablets – for nearly 8 1/2 hours on any given day. And children, 8 to 18 years old, can spend 7 1/2 hours a day using smart phones, computers, TV or some other electronic device. Is it any wonder so many of us suffer from visual stress?

To learn how to reduce your fatigue, blur, eyestrain and headaches at the computer, click here. Adjusting your workstation or screen can make a significant difference in your visual comfort.

How do Polarized Lenses Work? 

Polarized Lenses

When glare-causing light is reflected from surfaces, such as a flat road or smooth water, it is horizontally polarized (as opposed to light that is scattered in all directions). This experience creates a visually taxing and sometimes dangerous intensity of light called glare.

Polarized lenses are equipped with a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light to reduce glare effectively.

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Color Combinations Enhance Frame Styles 


 This spring the trend is two or more colors on the frame front. To make this more dramatic, the colors are placed next to each other. Translucent, see-through color combinations that connect in the middle are very hip.
   2 color frames
This allows for an abundance of color choices while the wearer’s natural skin tone shines through.

Solid meets translucent is another popular design that combines a solid color along with a translucent color for a more attention-grabbing look. For pictures of more multi-color frames, click here.

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