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Dear Karen,
We have just added  a glossary of terms to the Westside Optometry website. Most of the definitions are linked to pictures and a more in depth explanation. If you are looking for optical information like progressive lenses or eye function definitions like amblyopia, check our the glossary. 
The glossary is an on-going work, if there is something you’d like to see included let me know.
Karen Griffith
Westside Optometry

Pink Eye vs. Red Eye      Pink Eye
With children and teachers back to school, they will be immersed into the classroom sharing ideas, books, each other’s lunches and much more. One of the things that you definitely want to avoid is pink eye. Pink eye is a highly contagious, viral infection that usually follows an upper respiratory infection. This is different than red eye which is usually caused by a bacterial infection or allergy. Red eye is more treatable than pink eye.   

Because it is difficult to distinguish between a pink eye and a red eye, it’s best to bring you or your child in for a definitive diagnosis and proper treatment.
Better yet, keep you and your child healthy by eating right, getting adequate rest and washing hands often.

Colored Contact Lenses 

Colored Contact Lenses

The new Air Optix Colors is a monthly replacement contact lens. It is worn and removed daily for a month, then it is thrown away and a new lens worn after 30 days. If you currently wear the Air Optix contact lens, ask about trying the colored options.

The combination of technologies provides a more comfortable, breathable and beautiful contact lens.

The Air Optix Colors are available in Subtle and Vibrant selections shown above. There is a large variety of color options for light and dark colored eyes.

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International Trade Show
   Vision Expo West

My optician, Peg Ahlers and I are taking a long weekend this month in Las Vegas.  We will be attending courses on Eyewear Manufacturing, Nutrition, Keratoconus, Designing Lenses for High Prescriptions  and Eyelid Procedures. We are also shopping for new equipment, tools and frames.

We are looking forward to bringing the latest and greatest back to Westside Optometry.

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Dr. Karen Griffith
Dr. Karen Griffith is the primary
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