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Dear Karen,
Westside Optometry is transitioning into Fall. We have 2 new employees who have joined us. Laura is a pre-optometry student attending Sonoma State University and Hillary comes to us from an optometry office in Ukiah. The familiar and friendly faces of Nannette, Peg and Maureen are still here to help you too. You can learn more about all of us on our website.
Karen Griffith
Westside Optometry

Sleep Deprivation and Dry Eyes

 Not getting a good nights sleep can make us groggy, cranky and fatigued. A recent study indicates that not getting enough sleep can also cause dry eyes.
The study implies that the tears are negatively affected by less sleep.  A group  of healthy young male subjects were kept awake for 24 hours. When multiple measurements of their tears were compared to the group of males that had slept for 8 hours, there were significant differences. In the sleepless group, the tears evaporated quicker, the tear volume was less and inflammatory markers were higher, all indicators of dry eyes.
Achieving a good night sleep is important to general health and mental well-being, and ocular comfort.



20/20 Vision


The Snellen eye chart as seen above is familiar to most of us. It was created in the 1860’s, By Dr. Hermann Snellen.
When we think of the eye chart, 20/20 comes to mind. But what does 20/20 mean? Take for example a person with 20/40 vision. A person with 20/40 vision is at a disadvantage compared to a person with normal, 20/20 vision. In fact, a person with 20/40 vision would have to stand 20 feet away from something that a person with normal vision can stand 40 feet away from and still see clearly.
An eye chart is a measure of visual acuity only. It is an aid to prescribing glasses and contact lenses. But eye charts don’t measure peripheral vision, depth perception, or color perception. The Snellen chart doesn’t evaluate the ocular health.
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Dry Eye Clinic
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 Red, gritty and scratchy eyes can have a number of causes and possible treatments. In addition to discomfort and fluctuating vision, dry eyes can lead to styes and infection.
Last year Westside Optometry started a dry eye clinic with examination and treatment specifically designed to improve, control and eliminate dry eye discomfort. To learn more about what happens in a dry eye evaluation click here.
Fast Facts
 The space between the eyebrows is called the Glabella.
90% of eye injuries can be prevented. By choosing the correct eye safety glasses for the job or sport and wearing them 100% of the time, most injuries will be avoided.
Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) symptoms include eye strain, headaches, fatigue, burning or tired eyes, loss of focus, blurred vision, double vision and head and neck pain.
 You can make your appointment online.
Dr. Karen Griffith
Dr. Karen Griffith is the primary optometrist and owner of Westside Optometry. She has been in practice since 1988.
Westside Optometry is located at 320 Petaluma Blvd. South
in Petaluma.
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