Something in the eye/eye pain

Are any of the following true?

  • The foreign body can be seen, and remains after gentle washing. Eye Injury
  • The injury has penetrated the globe of the eye.
  • Blood can be seen in the eye.
  • It feels as though something is trapped under the eyelid.

Call the office immediately, especially if the vision is blurry and/or there is eyepain.

Blunt Trauma

such as the eye is hit with a ball, fist or other object

Are any of the following true?

  • The lid is swollen shut.
  • There is blood.
  • The front of the eye is hazy or white.
  • The pupil is irregularly shaped, dilated or constricted.

Call the office, especially if the vision is blurry, or there is pain. If none of the above signs are present, apply ice packs for the first 2 hours.

For more information about preventing eye injuries or what to do if something splashes into the eye causing a  chemical burn click on the appropriate link.

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