The best advise I can give regarding make-up and eyecare is remove all of it thoroughly every single night. This seems so obvious but is ignored. Any make-up left on the eyelids and lashes will plug important glands that effect the tear quality. Old make-up will stay in the eye all night, irritating the delicate eye surfaces. Red, tired and burning eyes are the result. I can’t stress it enough – Take off your make-up every night. eye make-up

Other important make-up tips are to be careful where eyeliner is applied. Apply it to the outside of the lashes. There are glands near the lashes that are susceptible to plugging from the oils, and waxes in the eyeliner. This results in poor tear quality and make-up in the tears. It can also introduce bacteria right into the eye.

Be gentle with eyelash curlers, don’t tug on the eye lashes or you may damage the follicle.

Don’t share make-up.

Replace your make-up regularly (every 3 months).

If you wear contact lenses, put your lenses on then apply your make-up. In the evening, remove your contact lenses before taking off your make-up.

If you have any questions contact us at Westside Optometry, (707)762-8643. Here is a download for safe contact lens use.

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