The first year of life is one of the most critical stages in childhood development. From the moment a baby opens it’s eyes, newborns undergo dramatic physical and mental changes.Acuity Testing Infants
During the first 12 months, infants should have a comprehensive vision assessment to determine proper development and identify any health problems. Early detection and treatment of potential problems are vital to a child’s development . For information about how Dr. Griffith examines babies click here.
One in every 10 children is at risk from undiagnosed eye and vision problems, yet only 13 percent of mothers with children younger than 2 years of age said they had taken their babies to see an eye doctor for an examination. Early intervention is critical to successful and cost-effective treatment. Unfortunately, during the course of their young lives, most children probably never have an eye examination.
Please take advantage of the InfantSee program. Dr. Griffith fully supports this American Optometric Association program designed to examine all infants between 6-12 months. There is no cost or qualification required. Call the office (707)762-8643, and ask for an InfantSee exam for your infant.

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