glarePeople suffer from 4 types of  glare: distracting, discomforting, disabling and blinding. Distracting glare is caused by reflections on eyeglass lenses. This can be eliminated with anti-reflective coating. At Westside Optometry, we recommend this type of non-glare coating on the back side of sunglasses also.
Discomforting glare is caused by everyday light conditions that cause squinting and eye fatigue. Tinted or photochromic lenses will reduce this type of glare.
Disabling glare occurs when excessive, intense light reaches the eyes. The effects of disabling glare can cause long-term eye damage. Good sunglasses with maximum ultraviolet protection eliminates disabling glare.
Blinding or reflective glare comes from light reflected off smooth, shiny surfaces such as water, sand, snow or wet roads. A polarized sunglass is the ideal solution for blinding glare.

Glare is a problem during the day and night. It bothers people working at a computer, driving on the freeway and fishing on a boat. Don’t squint and suffer any longer, let us eliminate the discomfort of glare with appropriate glasses.