Glasses vs. Contact Lenses

What are the differences between glasses and contact lenses?


  • Side (peripheral vision) is compromised.
  • Possible reflections off the eyeglass lenses.
  • Weight on nose, pressure on sinuses.
  • Glasses fog up with change in temperature.
  • Glasses are a distraction during sports.
  • Eyeglasses do not have windshield wipers and get speckled in the rain.


Contact Lenses

  • More natural vision, correction right on the eye.
  • Field of view is full, especially important for driving and sports.
  • No weight on face or frame slipping down nose.
  • Contacts match everything you wear.
  • Can wear non-prescription sunglasses.

There are similarities between glasses and contact lenses too:

  • Both require careful handling and cleaning to maintain the best vision.
  • Both can correct astigmatism.
  • Both are affordable, when you consider that you wear glasses or contact lenses every single day, the amount you spend on them is far less than for any other item in your wardrobe. Add in the importance to the quality of your life and they are invaluable.

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