Halloween and Contact Lenses

It is the time of year when I worry the most about improper contact lens use.  I am revisiting a post from last October about colored contact lenses. The perfect Halloween costume is not worth putting your eyes at risk.

Contact lenses should only be purchased from an authorized contact lens distributor, an eye doctor and some retail outlets. In the U.S., contact lenses cannot be obtained legally without a prescription. Instruction for proper care and handling should be included when the lenses are dispensed. Without proper fitting and care there is a risk of bacterial infection, corneal abrasion and corneal ulcers. Some of these consequences are painful, some can be blinding.

 In 2005, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classified all contact lenses, whether they correct vision or are used simply for cosmetics as medical devices.  Not only do the lenses have to be FDA approved, but so do the dyes. Any product in your eyes or touching your eyes should always be dispensed with a current prescription from your eye doctor. Don’t risk your eyesight, if you are interested in colored contacts give the office a call.

cosmetic contact lenses

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