If you or a loved one is living with vision loss, make living easier. Here are a few tips from the Lighthouse for the Blind Foundation.

  1. Appliances  Mark frequently used settings on appliances with bright nail polish or Touch-Dots.
  2. Storage  Store similar foods together; differentiate like-shaped containers with tactile markings like rubber bands.
  3.  Label  Clearly label toxic substances and keep them away from food.
  4. Clothing Arrange clothing by outfits, color, or with large-print labels.
  5. Pills  Use large-print or color-coded labels, or buy pill organizers and talking pill bottles.
  6. Rugs  Remove throw rugs or use non-skid rubber backing or double-sided tape to eliminate sliding. Always use non-skid rubber mats in the bath.
  7. Talking Aids Purchase talking appliances like watches, weight scales, and alarm clocks.
  8. Lighting  Use flexible-arm lamps to focus light on the task, Install under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen, and use nightlights in hallways and bathrooms.

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