How to Clean Your Glasses


The following tips are intended to provide you clean eyeglass lenses and frames without the risk of scratching the lenses or damaging the frame.

  1. Wash and dry your hands. Before cleaning your eyeglasses, make sure your hands are free from dirt, grime and lotion. Use lotion-free soap or dishwashing liquid and a clean, lint-free towel to clean your hands clean eyeglasses
  2. Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of lukewarm tap water. This will remove dust and other debris, which can help avoid scratching your lenses when you are cleaning them. Avoid hot water, which can damage some lens coatings.
  3. Apply a small drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid to each lens. Most dishwashing liquids are very concentrated, so use a tiny amount. Or apply a drop to your fingertip instead.
  4. Gently rub both sides of the lenses and all parts of the frame for a few seconds. Make sure you clean every part, including the nose pads and ends of the temples that rest behind your ears. And be sure to clean the area where the edge of the lenses meet the frame where dust, debris and skin oils can accumulate.
  5. Rinse both sides of the lenses and the frame thoroughly. Failing to remove all traces of the soap will cause the lenses to be smeared when you dry them.
  6. Use a clean lint-free towel to dry the lenses and frame. Avoid rough fabrics and paper products which can scratch the lenses and the finish on the frame.

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