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Newsletter for June 2016
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Dear Karen,
Two eye problems I often hear about during patient visits are red bumps on the eyelids and floaters in the eye. I’ve included an article on each of the topics in this newsletter. As always if you have any concerns about styes, floaters or other eye problems, call the office.
Karen Griffith
Westside Optometry
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There are 2 common types eyelid bumps:
STYES are at the base of the eyelashes in the tiny opening of the oil-producing glands. The oily secretions from these glands are an essential component of the tears and help keep the eyes lubricated. If the openings become clogged, bacteria grows and a localized infection called a STYEresults. This type of bump is red and painful.
CHALAZIA look similar to a stye but affect the meibomian glands which are located deeper in the eyelids. A chalazion usually does not contain an active bacterial infection. It may initially be red and swollen but within a few days it changes to a painless, slow growing lump within the eyelid.
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Flashes and Floaters 
The small “spots or threads” we see in our field of vision are called FLOATERS. Sometimes floaters are an indication of changes in the eye, especially when seen with FLASHES of light.
As part of normal changes, the vitreous gel becomes liquefied. This does not occur all at one time so there are pockets of liquefied vitreous next to solid vitreous gel with a filament-like membrane between. When the eye moves the liquid moves easily and sloshes around, causing the filament-like membranes to move and the movement of the membrane casts a moving shadow on the retina which we see as a floater. Where the membranes are attached to the retinal surface, the movement causes a tugging, pulling or traction on the retina. When the retina is pulled or bumped we see the response as a flash of light. Therefore, when the eye moves we see floaters and sometimes we also see light flashes.
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Fast Facts
Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are the healthiest contact lens option available; designed to be worn for one day and removed prior to sleeping. Convenient, because there is no need to clean or store the lenses.
When using a computer, smartphone or other digital device, we tend to blink our eyes less frequently. Make a conscious effort to be aware of this and blink more often when using electronic devices.
The RETINA is the delicate inner lining of the eye containing the visual receptors and nerve cells.
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 Dr. Karen Griffith
Dr. Karen Griffith is the primary optometrist and owner of Westside Optometry. She has been in practice since 1988.
Westside Optometry is located at 320 Petaluma Blvd. South in Petaluma.
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