When can children start wearing contact lenses? Research has shown that children as young as 8 years old can successfully handle, care for and wear contact lenses. Is your child ready to try them? Consider the following information before making a decision:

  • Contact Lenses for Active Kids

Contact Lenses and Children

Spectacles are cumbersome. They don’t fit under sport helmets and can fall off or slide down the nose with vigorous activity. Spectacle frames obstruct the field of view and cold weather plus hot kid can fog lenses up.

  • Contact Lenses can Boost Confidence

Contact lenses can improve how kids feel about their appearance and sports abilities as well as their interactions with peers.

  • Vision with Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide more natural vision than spectacle lenses, which can make objects look distorted. Spectacle lenses for the correction of myopia can also make objects appear smaller than they really are.

  • Contact Lenses are Cost-Effective

After taking into account the cost of lenses and frames, and replacing spectacles due to damage or loss, contact lenses may actually be a less expensive option.

  • Kids can Learn to Care for Contact Lenses

Research at the Centre for Contact Lens Research found that children aged 8-16 years old with no previous experience wearing contact lenses were easily fit with and able to care for contact lenses.

  • Is Your Child Ready to Try Contact Lenses?

Parents are in the best position to know whether a child is responsible enough for contact lenses. Does your child keep his room tidy? Does he need reminding to brush his hair and teeth? Can you trust her to know when to remove a contact lenses?

  • The Bottom Line

Serious ocular complications from contact lens wear are rare, and no more common in children than in adults. While contact lenses might not work for every child, a motivated child can be just as successful with contact lenses as an adult.

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