OP kids grad 2015  Don’t dread helping your child select and wear his first pair of glasses. Here are some tips and suggestions to help:

Selecting Frames

  • Fit – well fitting frames are key to your child wearing the glasses. A well fit frame is comfortable, stays adjusted and provides optimum clarity. Unlike shoes, you do not want a frame to “grow into.” The frame should fit well initially. Nosepads offer the ability to adjust for a better fit (and unadjust), but they can break off. A plastic frame that fits well on the bridge of the nose will hold it’s shape better.
  • Function – A flexible frame is necessary for babies and toddlers. We prefer a one piece frame with no parts to break off. There are flexible metals for older children. This can be beneficial for kids that fall asleep in the glasses or get bumped often. If your child plays sports a separate pair of sports goggles is recommended.
  • Fashion – once fit and function have been accomplished, the frame style is key to success. A child must like the glasses or wearing them will be a daily battle. Fortunately, there are many frame styles and colors available in children sizes.

OP kids metal 2015

The Lens

Polycarbonate is a requirement for all children. It is impact resistance, lightweight and has ultraviolet protection. Other enhancements to consider are non-glare coatings and tints. A lens that changes from light to dark can be appreciated for a child who is indoors and outside.

Wearing the Glasses

Most children will wear the glasses because they will see better. Parents can set a good example by being positive about the child wearing glasses and about their own eyewear. Also be clear on when the glasses should be worn, full-time, distance or reading. When your child picks up the new glasses, we will explain how to care for them and provide a case for storage. You may hear a familiar mantra – “If the glasses aren’t on your face, put them in the case.”

The glasses will need to be tightened and adjusted with constant handling. Don’t hesitate to bring them in for maintenance, (and a little cleaning).


OP Kids 2015

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