Transitions 2014

Tuesday night we left the office a little early to attend a seminar on the newest Transition Lenses. Most people are familiar with spectacle lenses that get dark when you go outdoors, and lighten again when inside.
This newest generation Transition Signature VII lens with Chromea7 technology was created with the user in mind. The Chromea 7 molecule is more reactive to ultraviolet in more situations. It gets darker on hot days, under a tree and facing away from the sun. The new Transition 7 also fades back to clear 20% faster.

Like all products in the Transition Adaptive lens family (XTRActive and Vantage) the Transition VII blocks 100% UVa and UVb. All the adaptive lenses help eyes adjust to changing light levels, providing more comfortable vision.

If it has been years since you’ve tried the transition lenses, it may be time to try them again. This isn’t the same lens your grandfather wore.

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