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Newsletter for November 2016
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Dear Karen,
I want to introduce the new safety frames available at Westside Optometry. The Wiley X safety frames can be purchased with or without a prescription. They include detachable sideshields and the best part is they look like regular glasses. There are 3 styles and 4 colors in each style. Try them on.
The office will be open, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving. It’s a good time to schedule an eye examination if you are off work or a student is out of school.
Karen Griffith
Westside Optometry

What is Prediabetes? 

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Before most people get type 2 diabetes, they are almost always diagnosed with PREDIABETES.Prediabetes is when the blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.
At this early stage, lifestyle changes can return blood glucose to normal levels. Changes may include diet modification and exercise.

Smoke in Your Eyes
Cigarette smoke is strongly correlated with many health concerns such as cancer, respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease. Smoking causes the blood vessels throughout the body to narrow and stiffen. This includes the blood vessels in the eye.
The more you smoke, the greater the risk for cataracts, macular degeneration and dry eye. Cigars, pipes and e-cigarettes all pose a health threat. You may be surprised at the chemicals and poisons included in your tobacco.
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Protective eyewear isn’t just for the workplace or industrial setting, most eye injuries happen at home.  If you usually wear glasses, prescription safety glasses are recommended. Westside Optometry has a line of safety glasses that you can wear to the hardware  or grocery store. All our safety eyewear is available with side shields and meet the ANSI requirements.
Fast Facts
Be diligent about removing all traces of make-up from your eyelids and lashes. Eyeliner and other eye make-up can clog glands in your eyelid causing dry eyes.
High blood sugar levels associated with poorly controlled diabetes can damage the small blood vessels in the retina. Left undetected and untreated, permanent vision loss can occur. Annual dilated eye examinations can reduce vision loss due to diabetes.
 You can make your appointment online.
 Dr. Karen Griffith
Dr. Karen Griffith is the primary optometrist and owner of Westside Optometry. She has been in practice since 1988.
Westside Optometry is located at 320 Petaluma Blvd. South in Petaluma.
 (707) 762-8643