Athletes depend  on their gear to perform to their personal best. For example, if you’re a cyclist, your performance is heavily influenced by the bike maker and construction, sprocket ratios, derailleur, shifters, seat and tube, wheels, fork pedals.. Each part of the bike and the clothes you wear contribute to your safety and performance. For cyclists who wear prescription eyewear, the right outdoor eyewear is as important as the bike or cycling gear. Athletes have different visual needs for their unique sport.

Sports Glasses
Sports specific lenses are the sum of the component parts:
1. Optics – Clear vision as required for the way in which the athlete uses the lens.
2. Color – Tints and filters that boost color contrast to enhance performance in each sport’s environment.
3. Coating – Automatic back surface anti-reflective coating to eliminate the backside reflections that can hide important objects and affect split-second decisions. The AR coating also must repel dust, water, and oil for better visibility while providing longer surface durability.
4. Protection – Provides improved impact resistance, safety and absorbs 100 percent UVA and UVB radiation.
5. Finishing – ensuring a close and aesthetically appealing fit which can be enhanced by features like venting to reduce the occurrence of fogging.

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