Infant and Children Sunglasses

Now available at Westside Optometry, Babiators. Adorable sunglasses for babies, toddlers and young children. Click here to learn why infants and children need sunglasses and UV protection.


babiator boyWhen babies grab onto something, where’s the first place it goes? Their mouths! That’s why it’s imperative that anything made for young children be safe – and that’s the idea behind Babiators flexible rubber frame design.

Every shipment is tested to ensure that Babiators comply with the most stringent regulations in the world for BPA, phthalates, lead, and other metals. The top quality 100% UVA and UVB protection lenses are also impact and shatter-resistant.

So when you buy Babiators, you can rest assured that you are buying the best sunglasses out there for your little one!


Babiators are incredibly durable – the flexible rubber frames consistently bounce back after being bent, twisted, or sat upon!


Babiators are available in two sizes (Ages 0-3 and Ages 3-7+) and ten awesome colors: Black Ops Black, Blue Angels Blue, Rockstar Red, Princess Pink, Wicked White, Superstar Silver, Nighthawk Navy, Beach Baby Blue, Limelight Lime, and Sneak Attack Pink & Black.

Designed by an F-18 fighter pilot for your little aviator, Babiators are sure to make your child the Maverick of the playground!


What is the most common complaint about children’s sunglasses: Carrie in her Babiators

“My child will break or lose them!”

The manufacturer is pretty darn sure your Babiators won’t break, and  believe that protecting kids’ eyes is too important to overlook simply because sunglasses might get lost.  That’s why if a child’s Babiators are lost or broken, they will replace them!

To enroll, simply register on the Babiators website. To find out more about the guarantee, click here. 

This is definitely a product Westside Optometry can endorse and proudly sell. In addition to all the UV protection  babies and children will get, the sunglasses are reasonably priced at $20 a pair. Next time you are near the office, stop by and buy a pair (or two).