Proper contact lens care is essential for the best contact lens wearing experience

contact lens and eye

Contact lens wear is quite safe as long as proper lens and storage case care are followed. Improper lens wear and care can put the lens wearer at risk for serious consequences. Sight-threatening microbial keratitis (corneal ulcer) is the most significant adverse event associated with contact lens wear and is largely preventable.
Single-use or daily disposable soft lenses are prescribed to be worn once and discarded. This is the safest soft lens wearing modality because no lens cleaning, lens care or storage case is required.
The contact lens storage case is the most likely potential reservoir for contact lens related ocular infections. Contact lens cases are not meant to be family heirlooms. Replace the case at least every 3 months.

General contact lens care instructions

  • Hand washing: always wash your hands before handling contact lenses. Use mild, basic soap and avoid  deodorant, fragranced or moisturizing liquid soaps.
  • Cleaning, rinsing and disinfection: Digital cleaning (rubbing the lens with your finger on your palm) removes dirt and debris and prepares the lens surfaces for disinfection. Rub and rinse thoroughly, even if the product is labeled “no rub.” Lens storage solutions contain chemicals that inhibit or kill potentially dangerous microorganisms while the lenses are soaked overnight.
  • Do not re-use old solution or “top-off” the liquid in the lens storage case. Empty the storage case daily and always use fresh solution.
  • Do not use lens care products beyond their expiration dates. Discard opened bottles after 30 days.
  • Do not allow the tip of the solution bottle to cone in contact with any surface, and keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.
  • Make-up Removal: Insert contact lenses before applying contact lenses. Take contact lenses off before thoroughly removing make-up every night.
  • Keep contact lens storage case clean, inside and out. Replace the case at least every 3 months.

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