polarized lenses


Quality Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only offer style but they offer protection from damaging ultraviolet radiation. Quality sunglasses are more expensive and worth it because of the premium optics, coatings, frames and style.
 The optics of your sunglasses determine the clarity and comfort of vision. Polarized lenses like Maui Jim minimize glare and reflections.
Sunglass lens treatments increase visibility and comfort. Backside anti-reflective coatings reduce glare from behind and repel water and dust. A mirror coating further reflects annoying light and glare.
Well-made frames start with quality materials that resist breakage and bending. The weight and balance of the frame is important for comfort as well.
Frames are styled for specific sports or can be highly fashionable. The details may include flexible hinges, variable color combinations and wrap styling.  

Don’t skimp on your sunglasses. You deserve the best comfort, protection and style.


New Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim has really outdone itself in 2012. There are many new sunglass styles and some very exciting lens updates.

Gradient lenses and frames are the trend. If you like reading outdoors but find most sunglasses too dark, try a lens that is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. It still has all the fantastic features of a Maui Jim sunlens: polorization, waterproof coatings, anti-reflective treatment and distortion-free optics.

Lani is shown here in the amethyst fade. It also comes in gloss black and Koa tortoise.

 Lava Flow is pictured below in the gloss black with neutral grey lenses. It is a modified rectangle with a mid-size wrap. It is also available in a colorful burgundy tortoise frame with HCL bronze lenses.


Westside Optometry still carries the light weight sporty styles too. Most of the Maui Jim sunglasses can be customized with your prescription. What can be better than sitting on a lounge chair reading or fly-fishing in your favorite river with your progressive Maui Jim sunglasses? If excellent distance vision is most important for a day in the boat or whale watching on the bluffs of the Pacific coast, prescription sunglasses are an excellent choice for you. 

We have received our new selection of Maui Jim sunglasses, come try them on.