The World through Rose Colored Glasses

I never think of prescription sunwear as a luxury. Comfortable, clear vision outdoors is as important as general clear glasses. I use my sunglasses for driving, sports and enjoying a book outdoors. The color of the lens tends to be personal and specific to how the glasses will be used. I personally prefer a grey lens, but different color lenses can actually improve your vision in certain situations. While some colors increase depth perception, others improve vision in low light situations and some reduce glare and eyestrain in bright light. I’ve included a list to help you select your next pair of sunglasses. See what fits your needs and lifestyle. Rose colored lenses may or may not be in your future, but maybe gray or green will make your eyes a little happier.

  • YELLOW offers excellent depth perception, provides good contrast in low light.
  • VERMILION Improves color perception in low light, excellent for overcast days
  •  BROWN/AMBER Blocks blue light, reduces glare, improves contrast.
  • GRAY transmits true colors evenly, reduces glare, low color distortion.
  • GREEN enhances contrast in moderate light, reduces eyestrain in bright light.

Other sunglass features include POLARIZATION, which filters refective glare and enhances color contrast and depth perception. FLASH MIRRORS limit the amount of light entering your eyes so you feel more comfortable.

If you want to try different color samples, come by the office. If you have any questions about special conditions or different sunglass lenses, leave a comment.

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