Eyewear is not only a functional item that provides clear vision, but an important fashion accessory as well. Color is always an important part of glasses and allows individuals to express their personalities. laminate KSThe laminate designs have one color on the front of the frame and another on the back, Sometimes the temples are a different color or texture too.
This spring the trend is two or more colors on the frame front. fysh comboTo make this more dramatic, the colors are placed next to each other. Translucent, see-through color combinations that connect in the middle are very hip. This allows for an abundance of color choices while the wearer’s natural skin tone shines through.

Solid meets translucent is another popular design that combines a solid color along with a translucent color for a more attention-grabbing look. brn blue WM
Two-tone frames are eye catching and fun. With all the combinations and variations, the hardest job is deciding what to select.

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