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Your eye exam will include questions about you, how you use your eyes, your health and visual challenges. Preliminary testing includes keratometry  (measure of the surface of the eye), photographs of your fundus (retina, macula, optic nerve head), and visual field testing.

Normal Retina Photo
Drs. Griffith and Staton will refract your eyes (find spectacle prescriptions for distance, near and possibly the intermediate range). We will thoroughly exam the health of your eyes. This includes dilating the pupils to do a complete examination of the inside of the eyes. The dilation typically lasts 3-4 hours. Most people are comfortable driving afterwards, we recommend sunglasses. Working on a computer or at near may be difficult immediately after your exam so schedule your day accordingly.

The doctors will discuss their findings and recommendations with you. This may include, treatment for dry eye, glasses, contact lenses, LASIK, safety glasses or referral for cataract consultation.

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