During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes miraculous changes, some good, some uncomfortable and some that are puzzling. Everyone experiences different things as every pregnancy is unique.

The eyes do not escape the wild hormonal ride during pregnancy. The lens and/or cornea respond to fluctuations in hormones. Not every pregnant woman will see vision changes but for those who do the impact is significant. Ocular structures swell and deswell causing refractive changes. The result of these changes is blurry vision. The women I have treated with vision changes notice shifts in their vision for most of their pregnancy. Some woman experience increased dry eye and/or contact lens intolerance.

The good news is I can usually help patients through their pregnancy with temporary vision corrections. And the best news is that most symptoms resolve post-partum.

Another ocular concern during pregnancy is the exacerbation of pre-existing conditions such as Graves disease and diabetes. Although these are systemic diseases, they have significant effects on the eye health.

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