Where’s that Contact Lens?

Most contact lens wearers have lost a lens. Many lose the lens in the eye while applying or removing it. In most cases, the lens usually falls out, but due to frantic searching in the eye, rinsing the eye, having others poke around in the eye, it will feel like a lens is in there. Why? All that irritation can cause an abrasion, swelling and tenderness. The lens is usually gone, but the eye feels like something is still there. My best advice to you is STOP! Leave the eye alone, a lens in the eye or part of a contact lens in the eye will cause minor to no damage compared to poking and probing in an attempt to locate it. If the foreign body sensation does not lessen or go away in an hour, call my office, Westside Optometry (707)762-8643. With the aid of a biomicroscope and some dye I can easily locate and remove a wayward lens. If it is not still in the eye, I can determine the cause of the irritation and help to relieve it.

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