Most of us wear sunglasses to reduce glare and brightness. Polarized sunglasses cut the glare and deliver sharp vision, 100% UV protection, and less eyestrain.

MJ Kipahulu

How do polarized lenses work?
When glare-causing light is reflected from surfaces, such as a flat road or smooth water, it is horizontally polarized (as opposed to light that is scattered in all directions). This experience creates a visually taxing and sometimes dangerous intensity of light called glare.
Polarized lenses are equipped with a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light to reduce glare effectively.

At Westside Optometry we offer prescription polarized sunglasses in your choice of frame, and whatever lens type you need, progressives, bifocal or single vision. We also feature Maui Jim sunglasses which are available with or without prescription with several choices of lens color. All of them are polarized. The Kipahulu is pictured above.

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